Raising Aspirations for Social Inclusion

In the project Raising Aspirations for Social Inclusion new pedagogical solutions and methods are developed in order to organize teaching of students with special needs. The aim is to develop the quality of teaching, to improve students' school motivation and to prevent school dropout.

Each country develops, tests and evaluates one method every six months. The results will be presented in each transnational project meeting and an international group develops them further. There will be six transnational short-term joint staff training events for special education teachers and for principals in order to develop the organizing of special need teaching.

The progress and results of this two-year project are introduced on this webpage. The partner schools are from Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden and Finland.

Short-term joint staff training events in RASI

1. Finland 10/2018

Every student is everybody's student

2. England 2/2019

Giving hope for children on edge, dropouts turned to be success stories

3. Sweden 4/2019

Whole school operates for children

4. Finland (for principals) 10/2019

Leading a school for everybody

5. Romania 2/2020

Practical methods to develop SEN-students' education

6. Italy 2020

From school to society

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